Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Current Beauty Babes- September Must Haves

September Must Haves

Tarte lips makeup

Urban Decay beauty product
$33 -

Ever since I traded in my social life for the cruel beast that is law school, I  haven't slept well, I only eat foods that can survive hours in a beaten leather bag, and water comes second to caffeine. So, to further fight the circles and crackling skin that has become indigenous to the study of legalism, I dab on a little of Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum. This little collagen booster freshens up my skin with its vitamin infused serum, brightening and hydrating my face. It's oil-free, made with natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin (like mine). I can definitely notice the difference after a use and it really helps me to maintain a glow in the midst of the library's arctic tundra. Urban Decay's B6 Prep Spray is a prefect pal to play with Truth Serum. As the name says--the spray is enriched with vitamin B enhancements to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day. This baby absorbs oil, hydrates skin, reduces pores and keeps you makeup spot on the entire day.  Im a sucker for anything I can throw in a bag and nourishes my skin. The fact that this also helps reduce the appearance of my pores and that keeps my makeup intact throughout the day is a major bonus. 

I love the seasonal transition months. For one, I can incorporate summer and fall fashions and two, colors can fall right in the average lane--theres no wrong choice. Hence,  i've been wearing the hell out of OPI's "Miami Beet" color this September. The middle ranged red has hues of berry, noir, plum and a perfectly interchangeable color for the coming seasons. 

I have a picky pout--most brands dry out my lips leaving behind a leather like texture. Lip colors are a personal and preferential thing. But something that is a "most people's thing" is hydration. Tarte's Lip Surgence in Pouty leaves a cool minty sensation while providing a girlish yet subtle color behind. The color doesn't last all day, it gets all over my water bottles, but the tingling sensation is well worth the money. Plus, the line doesnt leave a mark of scaly and pealing lips. 

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