Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Current Beauty Babes- September Must Haves

September Must Haves

Tarte lips makeup

Urban Decay beauty product
$33 -

Ever since I traded in my social life for the cruel beast that is law school, I  haven't slept well, I only eat foods that can survive hours in a beaten leather bag, and water comes second to caffeine. So, to further fight the circles and crackling skin that has become indigenous to the study of legalism, I dab on a little of Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum. This little collagen booster freshens up my skin with its vitamin infused serum, brightening and hydrating my face. It's oil-free, made with natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin (like mine). I can definitely notice the difference after a use and it really helps me to maintain a glow in the midst of the library's arctic tundra. Urban Decay's B6 Prep Spray is a prefect pal to play with Truth Serum. As the name says--the spray is enriched with vitamin B enhancements to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day. This baby absorbs oil, hydrates skin, reduces pores and keeps you makeup spot on the entire day.  Im a sucker for anything I can throw in a bag and nourishes my skin. The fact that this also helps reduce the appearance of my pores and that keeps my makeup intact throughout the day is a major bonus. 

I love the seasonal transition months. For one, I can incorporate summer and fall fashions and two, colors can fall right in the average lane--theres no wrong choice. Hence,  i've been wearing the hell out of OPI's "Miami Beet" color this September. The middle ranged red has hues of berry, noir, plum and a perfectly interchangeable color for the coming seasons. 

I have a picky pout--most brands dry out my lips leaving behind a leather like texture. Lip colors are a personal and preferential thing. But something that is a "most people's thing" is hydration. Tarte's Lip Surgence in Pouty leaves a cool minty sensation while providing a girlish yet subtle color behind. The color doesn't last all day, it gets all over my water bottles, but the tingling sensation is well worth the money. Plus, the line doesnt leave a mark of scaly and pealing lips. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apply Your Foundation with Perfection

Does your foundation ever flake? Become uneven? Melt away? Slip and Slide throughout the day? 

Taking the necessary steps when applying foundation in KEY to maintaining that flawless appearance. 

For me, I absolutely hate foundation. This hate is injected from several reasons, most stemming from the fact that absolutely no color blends into my pale skin. 

However, beyond color corrections, I have found bare minerals + tinted moisturizer gives me the blended coverage I need. Which, is somewhat a powder foundation. 

So, for ladies who yearn for Day-Long foundation coverage, check out the tips below to maintain perfect foundation throughout your haphazard days. Never suffer a day with a flaky face again!

1. CLEANSE prior to your application. 

Why is cleansing important? Well, cleansing prior to your foundation application is crucial to maintain clear skin. Cleansing helps remove any dirt on your face that with otherwise be trapped between your skin and foundation. 

toning removes excess dirt and cleanser left from over from Step one. Toning also tightens pores and smoothes skin to prepare it for foundation application. 

This step is probably the most important of all three. If you do this correctly, you really will get a flawless finish. Moisturizer actually allows the foundation to cling on to something, resulting in smoother, longer wearing makeup. Let your moisturizer sit for AT LEAST five minutes prior to applying your foundation. Foundation often slips, slides and flakes when you applied it to a moisturized face too quickly. Be patient. 

This is one of my key ingredients: USE THE RIGHT MOISTURIZER. That seems obvious to most, however, what many forget is that your moisturizer must correlate with your foundation. In other words, a water based moisturizer goes with a water based foundation. Likewise, an oil based moisturizer goes with an oil based foundation. Do NOT mix and match, this is a recipe for disaster. 

How can you tell whether you are using oil or water? Check the ingredients. Normally, the first ingredient is water in a water-based lotion or foundation. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Bag of Tricks- Product 1

Skin Care maintenance is probably one of the most sought after advices. Whether it be eye lashes, lips, makeup or cheeks, I try to maintain my glow by beginning at the root of the problem: the workings within. 

Lately, I have had a few co-coworkers ask me about my skin care routine, my preferences, and how I maintain what they believe to be 'remarkable skin.' I am well aware of my own flaws so I invert a thank you and yield what I believe has been one of my top secrets. 

Now, I have an entire bag of tricks. One product, one day aint gonna get chu anywhere. Most products take a month to make a difference, and what a difference it can make. Before we proceed, remember this-- EVERYTHING works from the inside out. A combination of things encompass great skin. However, there are a few things I do here and there and rev up results. Today we will go over product #1.

Jojoba Oil. 

With these late bloomed snow storms, cold fronts and wind blown storms, it may seem like very little will pacify your harshened skin. 

When it gets cold, crank up the hydration. Double up on your water, vitamins and take care of that wind burnt baby--your face. Many products claim hydration over night, anti-aging miracles, and even reduced lines. Maybe some do, but temporarily. My advice, LOOK what is in those ingredients. I try to stay all natural as much as possible to avoid harsh chemicals on my face. 

Lather Up- Oils

Most oils on the street WILL make your face feel great, it may hydrate the skin temporarily. But what you dont know is what they contain. Many oil based products sold at your local drug store contain MINERAL OIL. Something I do my best to steer COMPLETELY clear of (which is hard with small pockets). Mineral Oil is a mass produced product made of distilled gasoline and crude oil. Yummy. It is clear, scentless and wildly produced. It acts as a thin layer on the skin and is actually quite difficult for the skin to absorb and in turn CLOGS THE PORES, which slows the skin's ability to eliminate toxins. REMEMBER, the skin is the body's largest organ and plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. SO although mineral oil based products may give you short term relief, think again about long term benefits. Be careful and ALWAYS research what you put on your face! That it probably my most valuable advice.

So, if you love oils like I do, go natural. Yes, you do have the risk of getting clogged pores, but it may be less likely than smothering toxic chemicals on your skin (we hope.). SO, back to Jojoba oil. You've seen this ingredient in many high end products, conditioners, lotions and more... 

Here are the pros: 
1. Non Greasy, I wear it on my forehead daily without looking like a grease monkey. It definitely soothes away my dry skin. 
2. All natural
3. Great cleanser- I put jojoba on my face and then add cleanser so I feel that hydrated soothing silk.
4. Great eye makeup remover. 
5.fantastic for eczema and Stretch marks
6. Good for locking moisture in and keeping bacteria out
7. Its actually a wax (just a fun fact)

1. You have to go to a whole foods to find an all natural bottle
2. It may not be as thick and hydrating as mineral oil and will be more expensive 

I havent experienced any clogged pores or negative affects and I have been using this product for nearly two years. To learn more about the benefits of jojoba oil, see the link below. 

I put this on my skin all over at night for extra absorption when I know my skin is starting to feel rough, I use it as a cleanser a few days a week and even put some in my conditioner and soap to help alleviate razor burn. Give it a try. 

 Youll find that when you finally hydrate your skin, many of your problems will fade away. 

Again, trick one of many plus tons of water, exercise, eating clean and vitamins combined. 

Excuse the awkward, I tried getting loads of close up pictures of my skin--flaws and all so you can see the affects of JOJOBA. (FYI my skin was dry and flaky yesterday, hydrated today after a night and cleanse with jojoba).

I am wearing Murad's Dewey Tinted Primer paired with bare mineral's mineral veil and a pop of Mac's pigment pink blush. 

**Education yourself, before you apply, thats what Google is for, right?**
Quick jojoba Facts
A Great Jojoba Read
jojoba for acne

The more you know, the better skin you will have!